Sea-Air & Air-Sea Services

Combining the economies of ocean freight with the speed of air freight

Sea-Air & Air-Sea

We offer tailor-made and cost-effective sea-air and air-sea freight solutions across the globe.Your benefits are significant cost savings on the overall transportation costs while safeguarding reasonable shipment times for your cargoes. Our sea-air experts are able to develop customised programme that suits your specific requirements with optimal tariffs and routes. What is unique about our sea-air intermodal service is that transportation occurs in a singular fashion. This includes a single rate per kilogram and single document for the entire transportation process from the port of origin to the airport of destination. We also handle all customs formalities and delivery documentation along the journey, giving you peace of mind. In today’s fiercely competitive business world the pressure to deliver goods quickly and affordably has never been greater.
Fortunately with I L S ’s sea-air service we offer you the perfect balance between the bottom line and the deadline. Up to 80 percent faster than sea freight, yet significantly cheaper than direct air freight, our sea-air solutions are the ideal combination of economy and speed. I L S’s Sea-Air services will give you peace of mind: our team will keep you informed of your product’s progress from pick-up and transfer to customs clearance. We will also distribute your products at their destination. Sea-Air combines the transport speed of air freight with the cost efficiency of sea freight. We select the fastest sea freight connection for you. The combination of air and sea freight means excellent service that is faster than sea freight but also more inexpensive than air freight. The Sea-Air service completes our service portfolio in the intercontinental transport as an economic method for having your goods arrive when they are needed. Just in time.